Upcoming Gigs in Essex and Willsboro!

The Waddlers are back in action post Band Multiplication!

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The first show back is at the Essex Inn on Saturday May 3rd from 5-8pm as part of a Block Party for the CATS trail system.  They are doing an epic and beautiful hike from the Westport Inn to the Essex Inn.  Following       the hike we will be playing at the Inn with the option of food, drink, restorative yoga and chair massages.


Our second show back will be at Turtle Island Cafe.  We are playing Friday May 9th starting around 7:30pm.  Come for amazing food and what we describe as music!

Turtle Island

The Newest Waddler!

On February 3rd 2014 Liz and Kevin welcomed Samuel Harrison Bouchard-Hall into the world.  Preparations have already begun to make him our Mandolin player!  Mom, Dad, and the Waddlers are very happy to have grown the band.

New Album is on the Way!

Preview of two of our new songs on the website player!  You will just have to get the CD to hear the rest of them and see the rest of the Art!

Cover Album Photo Shoot